Rancho Bayo

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located just north of Austin Texas

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Rancho Bayo has a unique program from the conception of the foal to the all important starting under saddle.  Not only does this allow us to ensure each young horse is brought along at their own pace and their specific needs are addressed; but it also shows us if we need to make any changes in our foundation stock or breeding pairings. 

We carefully select the right horse for prospective buyers and this is based on many factors such as needs, experience and future plans.  All of our horses are guaranteed to be gentle to handle on the ground and are solid at all three gaits outside of a roundpen on a loose rein.  Some of our horses are held back for a higher level of training.

We carefully prepare our young horses so they can thrive in forever homes.

Saddle Horses

Bayo DejaVu  (LEASED)


Versatile and easy going young mare...

Bayo Livianna (SOLD)


Sweet, versatile young mare with loads of talent...


Bayo Ulta Vida    (SOLD)


Pretty Kiger mare, very sweet and gentle

Diablesa (SOLD)


Stout Kiger mare with basic saddle training

Getting Started

Bayo Montanero    (SOLD)


Big Kiger colt that will be a nice pleasure ride...

Bayo Cruzador   (Available...stay tuned)


WOW...Lusitano gelding; need I say more?

Bayo Hondo


Solid and athletic Azteca colt...

Bayo Mochuelo Duende    (SOLD)


Fun loving and easy going Kiger colt...

Bayo Odesea


Lovely Kiger/Lusitano filly; versatile and showy...

Bayo Zingara


Spicy Lusitano/Kiger filly...

Bayo Chaotico   (SOLD)


Flasy and athletic Kiger colt...

Bayo Disfrazada


Wonderfully sweet filly by Dax and Sycha

Bayo Tortola
(Charro x Teanna)

Sweet, spirited Kiger filly with a lot of potential. 

 ~ SOLD ~


Novo Comeco

Super Lusitano colt with sweet disposition. 

Bayo Avivato

Kiger colt with a look at me attitude and fancy movement.

Bayo Terremoto (SOLD)


Outstanding Iberian colt with no quit in him.  Fancy mover, attention getter and affectionate. 

Bayo Farsante

Versatile Iberian Cruzado with a fun loving attitude. 

Noche Mueve  (SOLD)

Fancy moving Lusitano colt with easy going disposition.

Bayo Navarro


Super duper Lusitano/Kiger colt!  Sweet and athletic...

Bayo Escarlata  (SOLD TO SWEDEN)


Big, fancy moving Kiger filly. 

Bayo Ambarina


Robust Azteca filly with lots of ability and easy going disposition.

Bayo Tortola  (SOLD TO CANADA)


Expressive, big moving Kiger filly...

Bayo Vivanca de Plata (SOLD)


Outgoing, bold and opinionated Kiger filly!  

Bayo Chispa de Plata

Cheery little Kiger filly!  Will make someone a best friend some day.

Bayo Quien Culpar


Tall, sweet Kiger colt with big movement.

Bayo Majeza de Plata


Elegant Kiger filly with lots of Iberian features.

 ~ not for sale at this time ~

Bayo Mimosa de Plata (SOLD TO FINLAND)


Cute Cruzado filly with a fun disposition!



Ole Hijo d'Noble


Fancy, forward and bold Lusitano colt...

Bayo Cobriza


Outstanding Kiger filly

Bayo Gonso

Sweet and fun loving Kiger colt

Bayo Vaquero
Magnificent Kiger colt with sweet attitude
Mazurka d'Noble


Talented, versatile Andalusian/Lusitano filly...

Bayo Charazo

Super Kiger colt

Bayo Chanaco
Nice moving, versatile Kiger colt
O'Fortuna d'Noble

Fantastic Lusitano colt  ~ not for sale at this time ~

Bayo Bravia
Gorgeous Kiger filly ~ not for sale at this time ~
Ozzymandias d'Noble

WOW  Lusitano colt