Our Lusitanos

Twenty-five years ago, when I started on my journey to find the perfect horse for the amature enthusiast, I came across a fairly new breed to the United States...the Lusitano.  Having been developed for many generations in Portugal as a riding partner, the Lusitano embodies the nobility, versatility and work ethic to go in just about any direction.   Our goal at Rancho Bayo is to provide you with your new riding partner...our learned skills in raising and managing our Kiger herds will benefit the new generations of our Lusitanos.  Focusing on a horse that is born gentle that we can later bring along and school for the dedicated owner is our final goal.  Not only will we be offering well started younger horses, but we will have a handful of Lusitanos available that will be further schooled and solid in lateral movements, lead changes and some show experience under their belts.  We are excited for the future!