Our Kigers

Kigers are a special breed of horse that have been managed by the BLM since the late 70's.  Two herds exist in the Kiger gorge and Riddle mountain.  Along with having their own unique DNA markers, Kigers also show the Sorraia, Garrano, Criollo, Andalusian and Lusitano markers. 


Many of our foundation stock is branded from the Kiger Herd Management Area, or conceived in the wild and born in captivity.    We choose horses that show high Iberian/Spanish traits, have good conformation for saddle work and  later, consistently produce better than themselves.  

Our Kigers make wonderful, versatile horses that can excel in many areas.  From pleasure riding, to cow work, driving, endurance, dressage and Working Equitation; many Kigers can develop in any direction you please.  One horse for many venues!  With the Kigers desire to please and friendly disposition, they make great forever partners.