2020 Foals

Bayo Zorro de Plateado
(Patron RB x Teannaway Creek)


Super pleased with this colt by our newest stallion, Patron.  Bone, substance and looks to boot.  Will make a nice stud prospect. 

  ~ For Sale ~

Bayo Chariata
(Charro x Jessie)


Outstanding Kiger filly.  Graceful and bold - winning combination!  Not bad in the looks department either!

Principe Encantador d'Noble
(Xemino x Juliette)


Solid and grounded Lusitano colt.  Clever boy with a good sense of humor. 

  ~ For Sale ~

Passaro Livre d'Noble
(Xemino x Tatiana CD)


Super Lusitano colt

  ~ For Sale ~

Bayo Libelula
(Patron RB x Bayo Azahara)

Quality Kiger filly....balanced and athletic, she will be a great all around girl.

  ~ For Sale ~

Pumarejo d'Noble
(Xemino x Luna DC)


Wonderful Lusitano colt, with a playful disposition and fancy movement 

  ~ For Sale ~

Bayo Charismo
(Charro x Ute RB)


Wowser Kiger colt, with a lot of drive and athletic ability

Plutao d'Noble
(Xemino x Eliana R)


Big, balanced, versatile colt

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