2018 Young Ones

Bayo Vaquero


Kiger colt 

Bayo Chinaco de Plateado


Powerful, forward moving Kiger colt

Bayo Mazurka

Talented and strong Andalusian filly...

Bayo Cobriza

Big, fancy Kiger filly!  

Bayo Bravia (not for sale at this time)


Awesome Kiger filly...

Bayo Charazo  (not for sale at this time)


Incredible Kiger colt...

Ozzymandias d'Noble


Sensitive and athletic Kiger filly..

Bayo Lunazul


Fun loving, darling Kiger filly...

Bayo Amagovia (not for sale at this time)


Superb Kiger filly...

Ole Hijo d'Noble


Quality Lusitano colt

Bayo Gonso de Plateado


Sweet Kiger colt with silly sense of humor

Opulencia d'Noble


Lovely Kiger/Lusitano filly; versatile and showy...

O'Fortuna d'Noble


All business Lusitano colt...

Bayo Batata de Plata  (SOLD)


Outstanding Kiger filly...

Rancho Bayo

512 ~ 868 ~ 7638

located just north of Austin Texas

copyright Rancho Bayo 2019