At Rancho Bayo we focus on the breeding, raising and training of Spanish/Iberian Horses. Our goal is to provide versatile, safe riding companions that bond deeply with their owners for both pleasure and performance. Rancho Bayo carefully chooses our breeding stock to produce the ultimate saddle horses.


We have the largest breeding herd of Kigers in captivity; many of our mares are branded and directly from the wild HMA's in Oregon.   Our senior stallion, Charro, was concieved in the wild in 1993 and has proven himself time and time again as an outstanding herd sire.  Our newest addition, Patron, comes from the last roundup in 2015.  Known as the "King of Kigerland", Patron promises to continue the legacy of top notch bred Kigers here at Rancho Bayo.

We also have a growing herd of Lusitanos.  We are focusing on utilizing specific bloodlines to create an athletic, showy horse that is gentle enough for dedicated amatures to enjoy.  Rancho Bayo also incorporates specific crossbreeding to bring out the best in both breeds and create a unique designer horse.

We are fully committed to preparing our horses for a healthy, balanced and useful life among people.  With that said, our horses stay with us until they are going under saddle solidly and at the level of their new owner. We strive to do only the best to ensure our horses not only have the optimal start in life but are set up for success in their new homes.

We pride ourselves on matching up our horses with compatible owners and have a 100% success rate pairing young horses to amature enthusiasts.